PSearch™ (or People Search) is a full solution that we have developed in Nakkeb. PSearch™ can help companies search for people in any domain. The engine is crawling the worldwide web to find information about people from sources such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Xing and many other social networks. The engine currently has more than 200 million profiles extracted and indexed. This engine can be used by recruitment companies for head-hunting and recruitment and it can also be used by marketing/sales people who want to find specific segment of clients to approach.

  • The solution includes also information about how people are linked together, so it will allow exploring and discovering new people.
  • The facets enable the searcher to view number of results depending on different criteria such as country, occupation, business sector, years of experience, tag cloud...etc.
  • The engine allow for incremental search where each new search can be applied on the results of the previous one. . . thus allowing the searcher to narrow down the results to reach exactly what he/she is looking for.

PSearch™ includes profile for more than 200 million people aggregated from web crawling.
For using PSearch™ please contact us directly on sales(at)nakkeb(dot)com.