Google Play
""How much money Google Play is generating on monthly basis! How much my game will generate!""

Nakkeb team wanted to estimate the income that Google is generating from their Play Google appstore. Of course the goal is not to discover any confidential numbers at Google but rather see how large and profitable the Android market is. We also wanted to answer other questions, like is it really profitable to enter the business? how much an average game is generating? what is the median number of downloads if the price of teh game is usd 1, 2 or 5? what is the variance in all of these cases.

There are over 500k applications on the appstore; some are free some are paid. . . for each application Google will show you how many downloads this application is getting in a range fashion (i.e. 5000-10,000, 10m-50m..etc). We used NakkebWeb to gather infomration from The engine was able to crawl, extract, tag and identify important information. The engine was able to identify easily the major fields such as title, description, screenshots, price and number of downloads. NakkebWeb was able to export those infomration in a database. We then wrote small script to apply equations on the result data. Here are some of the results