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Quick Presentation about our company and its products



ESearch™ is a full and advanced search solution for the enterprise. The solution is fast to deploy and easy to manage. The solution already supports more than 40 formats including documents, videos...


VSearch™ is a vertical search solution for the enterprise. If you want to apply vertical search within your company (for employees) or externally (for your customers) then you can use VSearch™.


DSearch™ is a full solution for creating vertical search engines in specific domains. You just define the domain to us verbally and we will create the necessary ontology for crawling and extraction.


  • PSearch

    PSearch™ (or People Search) is a full solution that we have developed in Nakkeb. PSearch™ can help companies search for people in any domain. The engine is crawling the worldwide web to find information about people from sources such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Xing and many other social networks...

  • NakkebSEO

    Our approach to SEO is different from others. We do a full and complete simulation of the general algorithms used by big search engines such as Google and Bing. Our NakkebSEO™ can estimate the PR of each page to a good accuracy and can recommend different architecture of your website to increase the PR...

  • NakkebWeb

    NakkebWeb™ is a solution for crawling website and extracting information in an automatic manner. NakkebWeb™ will crawl and extract information from any website or collection of websites. It can be easily used for web mining depending on the customer’s requirement. The solution relies on an advanced technology...